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Create a Job Seeker Profile Today!

Why create a Job Seeker Profile? 

Building a profile allows Career Choice employers partners to find you based on the information you enter and reach out to you about job opportunities with their company.

How does it work?

Just as you come to the job board to search for positions to apply to, recruiters from our network of employer partners come to the job board to search Job Seeker Profiles and invite candidates to apply that fit their hiring needs.

What do I need to do?

Since employers will get to know you first based on the information you enter in your job profile, it is best to provide all of the relevant details. The good news is the process is simple, especially if you have an existing resume. Here are the steps:


Step 1:  Click on “Sign up”

Step 2:  Click “Job Seeker” under account type

Step 3:  Register your account by entering your name and email and creating a password

Step 4:  Create a Job Seeker Profile:

Yes, I have a resume:   Upload it in the field titled “Upload Resume”. The content will automatically populate the remaining fields in the Job Seeker Profile page on the job board. Review the information and click "Post" when complete.

No, I do not have a resume: You have two options:

(1) Visit the Career Choice website for instructions on creating a resume based on your program of study, or

(2) Fill out the fields directly on the Job Seeker Profile page.

Remember that employers will be able to view the information on your Job Seeker Profile and will decide to contact you about job openings based on the content you provide.