Staffing Agency Partners

Ready to turn your education into a career?

We have partners here to help!


Here's the deal:

Career Choice teamed up with the world's top staffing agencies to provide you with personalized support in every step of the process of finding a new job. Whatever you studied, we've got you covered.


How does it work?

Our staffing agency partners have representatives ready to talk to Career Choice candidates. Yes, you!

You will just need to submit a brief form with basic contact information, and a job placement coach will contact you for a free 1-on-1 conversation to learn about your interests, skills, and job preferences.

Then they'll find you the perfect job in your local area.

And that's not all. The same coaches can also help you with your resume, support you in filling out applications, help you prepare for interviews, all so you can land your dream job.


How to get started?



Reach out based on your area of study:



 So get started today. They're expecting you!


Still studying? Great! Talk to staffing agency today about starting your new career tomorrow.